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Rubbish Internet speed?  Want something better? Buy Local.

F1 Internet are based in Marlborough and provide internet to homes and businesses using a wireless technologies.  F1 Internet aims to deliver high speed broadband where others can't. Unlike many other internet providers we don't rely on telephone wires to deliver the internet, instead we beam it wirelessly, direct to your property. Click on "How it works" to find out more how it all works. 

Click on the link below to see if we already have live coverage in your area. 

>> Coverage Map << 

We don't use copper phone lines (so you don't even need a phone line to use our service). Nor are we offering expensive or slow satellite solutions. Our network is built using a solution called fixed wireless. 

Our network already covers  a large area and is growing fast. Even if we are not already live in your area, no problem as we are always looking for new areas to cover. 

To keep things simple we offer 1 simple package.

  • £40 (inc VAT) a month
  • We aim for a download speed of 40 Mbps or more *
  • No download limit
  • No long contract - Month by Month
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Connection costs start from as low as £99. Please get in contact to find out more.

*Speed can vary depending on location and distance but we always aim to get a minimum download speed of 40 Mbps

Digital Landline - Voice Over IP (VoIP) Service 

Some customers still like to have a "landline" phone once they have migrated to our wireless service. This is still possible by moving to a "Digital Landline". Click here to find out more

Rubbish Home WiFi?

Many WiFi and internet issues are caused by badly installed on miss configured WiFi "Boosters".  Getting F1 to fix the issue normally costs less than a set of mesh aerials and works much better. 

We don't use home WiFi boosters as they normally cause more issue but instead install  wireless access points that are cabled back to the main router. 

Need WiFi in an out building or annex? No problem. We can install a wireless "Point-to-Point" link between buildings so there is no need to run a cable and then install a WiFi access point inside the space for solid, perfect WiFi. 

To resolve any WiFi issues you may have give us a call.

Not Covered by our fixed wireless network? - Not a problem.

We love the internet and think everyone should have access to fast broadband so we can all access the modern world.

We also offer Starlink Installs and 4G LTE (Mobile Phone) based solutions. Please call to find out more. 

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