Real people, rapid response.

F1 IT Ltd is recognized for its first-class technical support and customer service. The network is fast and reliable. And we have systems that monitor the performance of the network so that we can identify, quickly pinpoint and resolve any problems. Almost every problem can be solved remotely by our technical support team. In the even less likely event there’s a problem with the equipment at your property, one of team will call to put things right.

If you’re struggling with your passwords, email or internet settings – just call. You’ll talk to real people, working for a local company, with a personal interest in happy subscribers!

Is it plugged in and switched on?

Often, problems with internet connections can be solved by taking a few simple steps, without needing expert help. In the unlikely event that you have a connection problem please start by turning your router off and back on.

Please DONT hit the reset button on the router as 99% of the time this just makes it worse!

If, after following the off / on instructions, you still seem to have a problem, that's the time to contact us. You'll have eliminated some of the possible causes, and we'll be able to get straight to a solution, quickly.

Contact us, by calling 01672 837253 or 07760398159