How our solution works

Internet and Core Network

We bring the hi speed internet into the local area via a long range wireless connection that can be up-to 15Km and capable of huge data transfer speeds. This is then distributed wirelessly throughout the coverage area using a series of masts and repeaters that make up our core network.

Your Connection to the Core Network

At your home or business you will have a small device mounted externally that connects into the wireless core network via the mast, or our ever expanding series of repeaters. This brings the internet connection to your home.

Your Internal Connections

The internet connection is passed from the external device and into your home via an ethernet cable plugged into the router we provide. This router then provides your internet connection for both wired and wireless devices inside your home. We also can provide wireless extenders if the signal from a single device doesn’t cover the total area of your home or if there are opposing WiFi signals in your environment that need to be overcome.

Example customer installs showing the external antenna 

(the small white round things!)