Digital Landline

Voice Over IP (VoIP) Service 

Some WISP users still like to have a "landline" phone once they have migrated to our wireless service. This is still possible by moving to a "Digital Landline".

Can I keep my land line number? YES you can port your existing landline number to the digital landline service. 

Can I still use my existing handsets? YES 

What if i still want to keep my old copper wire phone. No (Sorry) BT announced that as of 31 December 2025 traditional phone lines would be switched off, and all data on those lines transferred to digital services. This means the end of the analogue phone. Businesses and homes will need to make the switch. And it affects far more than just phone lines.

To make this easy we are recommending a serice from "Virtual Landlines". They are a UK conpany offering digital VoIP phone lines. 
A Basic landline is £4.50 per month with "Pay as you Go" calls or £8.75 for Unlimited inbound/outbound calls to any standard UK Landline & mobile numbers

Please click on the link below to setup a digital landline

Digital Landline Sign Up